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This cheery sign greets you at the beginning of one of the best trails in the park and the only one so marked. I say it’s one of the best because it’s by far the least traveled. While other trails are crowded on a warm summer day, this one offers peace and quiet. Even on the coldest winter days, with several inches of snow on the ground that keeps even the hardiest snakes curled up in their dens, this trail is deserted.

I’ve hiked this park for years and never seen a single person on this trail and although I’ve…

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We’ve been through a lot in 2020 and although there are signs of light at the end of the tunnel we still have a long way to go. People and businesses are suffering and uncertainty is high. You may think I’m crazy for even suggesting starting a business in this environment, but there’s opportunity within crisis and if you can take advantage of it the time may be right.

The past year has been a period of disruption. It’s thrown people off their regular routines, exposed them to new ideas and technologies, broken up long standing paradigms and showed us…

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The coronavirus has had a devastating economic impact on millions of people. Many businesses have closed and others are struggling to get by. However, other companies have held steady and a few have grown. At the same time businesses are shuttering their doors, the US Census Bureau reports more than 1.5 million new businesses formed during 2020. What separates the successful from the troubled and what can we do to best position ourselves for the future?

A glance at the numbers can be misleading. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, payroll employment dropped by more than 20 million during…

It was against third party candidates

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Accusations of a rigged presidential election dominate the news cycle. For 2020, the culprit is mail-in ballots and miscounting. In 2016, it was Russian interference. Certainly both elections had problems and could have been handled better, but I’ll not speculate about such shenanigans because I don’t really know. However, there‘s another sort of trouble and it serves to keep third party and independent candidates out of the game.

More than 1,200 peopled filed to run for president in 2020. Most lacked support and dropped out early, but 17 independent and third party candidates made…

Ten questions to separate fact from fiction in the information age

Smart phone and computer
Aaron Weiss via Unsplash

With a smart phone in our pocket, multiple channels of 24/7 news, streaming media and expanding data collection and exploitation technologies, we have unparalleled access to information. While this certainly offers benefits, it also presents significant challenges; primarily in that much of the information we’re exposed to is irrelevant, misleading, incomplete or biased. So how do we sort out fact from fiction? Here are ten questions to help evaluate what you’re seeing.

1. Is the source trustworthy? At one time there were certain revered people and institutions we could…

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When Sally was growing up, her mom always used Brand X laundry detergent, as did her grandmother. Now that Sally’s on her own, she too uses Brand X, not because it’s less expensive, more convenient or gets her clothes cleaner, but solely due to tradition. When Sally runs low she reaches for Brand X without giving other products a single thought whatsoever.

Suppose you develop a detergent that beats Brand X in every tangible area. It’s less expensive, removes stains better, smells nicer and is more environmentally friendly. Do you think Sally will notice? What will it take to overcome…

If someone is cheerleading for you, show your appreciation

Rojan Maharjan via Unsplash

Some of the best marketing doesn’t come from within the firm, but from customers. Customers make referrals, recommendations and online review videos. People wear t-shirts, put stickers on their cars and even get tattoos emblazoned with company logos. Customers spread news about the company on social media and post images of products in action and fun settings. There are also unofficial forums and clubs that aggressively promote a company, serve as a pseudo help desk and offer considerably more useful information than the organization’s own literature and website.

It’s a shame…

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